Make It Count

Today is my birthday and with it the recognition that I’m inching ever closer to the finish line. People want to celebrate birthdays and thoughts of the finality of life are not usually mentioned, but I’ve always been the sort to take life seriously. Not gloomily, but in full recognition of life’s finite nature. These sobering thoughts may lead one to a lifetime filled with choice and I am fond of the saying, “Choice not chance makes destiny.”  

Some people invest in the after life. I’m not one of those people. I love living and I’m quite content with heaven on earth, regardless of the hardships that may come. 

Some people invest in material gain; I’m not one of those either, as I have seen enough burials to know you don’t take it with you.

For me, I thrill at the possibility of filling my days with gratitude and I’ve found that with a bit of practice one can get very good at it. It’s the same with kindness. 

And when we refuse to drink of the cup of fear, it’s amazing what beauty and sweetness awaits.

I have lived long enough to know that I am unique but not special. Unique we all are, individually wrapped by the hand of the Creator. Our specialness is in that and it holds what we all share: the gift of life, and the opportunity to love and to be loved.

In the stillness of our hearts we know that we are loved. And that knowing is the sweetest birthday gift. 

When this magnificent ride comes to its end, I want to be able to say, “Thank you”. 

And if the chance should be offered to come again, I want to say, “Put me in coach.    I’m ready to play.” 

photo: Creative Commons

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